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About GuhaMD

At GuhaMD, we believe in providing quality care to those who find it inconvenient and stressful to schedule in-person consultations with a doctor in your area. The recent Coronavirus pandemic has put a lot of pressure on patients all over the world to resort to telemedicine consultations which patients may not be familiar nor comfortable with. 

We make your telemedicine experience as simple and easy as possible through our online patient portal and video consultation system. Schedule an appointment now to realize the benefits of telemedicine with GuhaMD!

Providing you with the best team for the best care

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Dr. S. John Guha

Dr. Guha is the Founder and CMO of GuhaMD and LGBTQ.clinic. He is a USAF veteran and physician with over 30+ years of clinical experience practicing emergency medicine.

Maleeha Khan

Maleeha is the Senior Practice Manager. She provides a point of contact for our patients and business partners. She also manages the practice on a day-to-day basis. 

Christian Milaster

Christian is a Business Development Advisor. After developing the telemedicine system at the Mayo Clinic for 12 years, Christian launched his own medical consulting firm, Ingenium, to advise physicians on telemedicine.

Joseph McMenamin

Joe is an attorney as well as an MD in Virginia. His expertise is in legal telemedicine and compliance, especially in International Medical practice.

Stacey Robertson

Business Development Specialist specific to the private medical practice environment. Stacy has direct experience marketing both Telemedicine as well as the LGBTQ population.

Bryan Arkwright

Funding strategist & startup entrepreneur with Telehealth experience dating back to 2006. taught 2 telehealth courses at WFU as an adjunct faculty &  authored 25+ telehealth/digital health published papers.